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Late Night Talks | About HelloTolentino

It’s just about 11 p.m. here on a Friday night, and I’m sitting at home in front of my laptop. I just started thinking about this blog that I started and why I started it. Then I thought, “I should definitely write this down” so here I am spending this lovely Friday evening with you fine folk just typing whatever comes to mind.

Honestly, there’s not a definite reason of why I started this blog–I guess it’s just a culmination of random things:

No. 1 | I was completely bored at work and was desperately yearning for a creative outlet to just keep me sane after 8 draining hours. I would write in my journal and draw pictures and then realized I live in the 21st century…keeping everything online was just so much simpler. It was nerve-wracking though, I’m a pretty private person and I wasn’t feeling the whole sharing my life with strangers type-of-thing. The internet can be a scary place. But then I thought, no one would read this anyway, so I should be pretty safe. Plus having a private blog kind of dampened my intent to create content, what’s the point of doing something if you can’t share your experience with others?

No. 2 | I’ve been trying hard to face my fears this year. Like I said, I’m pretty introverted, so I started this as a public blog to put myself out there more. Earlier this year, I faced my fears of public speaking and it helped a lot, so I just kept rolling with that and said, “fuck it, let’s try this out!” I started out slow, just you know, post pictures of my travels. But then, I just wanted to associate a face to my voice so I began posting pictures with me in them. Eek! I was a bit hesitant to post those first pictures up because something felt so unnatural about it, perhaps it was the fear of being judged? Mostly, it was the idea of awkwardly posing in front of the camera, haha. But then I decided to just freakin’ do it (thanks Nike!) because honestly life’s too short to be living in fear of other people’s judgements. (Don’t you dare say YOLO, I’m serious!)

No. 3 | I have a terrrrriiiibbbbllleeee memory and I wanted a place to document some of the events in my life. Also, I wanted to look back at this when I’m a grandma and be like, “Dayum girl, look at you fitting into those mini skirts and shit!” You know? Don’t all grandmas talk like that? Plus, I thought it would be cool to just have this style-diary-timeline and track how much my style has changed or stayed the same.

No. 4 | It’s just plain fun. I love clothes. I love shoes. I love food! I love photos. And I love traveling and exploring new experiences in my spare time. This just seemed like a perfect place to marry all those things. A place to share my eclectic interests & get to know people who I may have something in common with.

No. 5 | Meet new people and make some friends. This is one that I wasn’t really expecting, but now am the most excited about. Like I said earlier, I wasn’t expecting anyone to read this or like it or comment or anything, and when I get that little notification every once in a while, it feels really good to know that there are a few people who do like what I’m putting out there.  Like it blows my mind that someone from Slovania or Germany or just anywhere in the world can read this! It makes me want to get more engaged and I get really inspired by it, so thanks to everyone who has shown me any kind of love since I’ve started! You da, you da best! (OK, I swear, I’ll stop with the Drake references.)

But if you feel like being interwebz buddies too, you can find me on Instagram & Twitter @hellotolentino, or you know just leave a comment on here telling me something weird about yourself. Oooh or a joke, bitches love jokes. 😉

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to get all the feels when I started this. Let’s just play it cool and you know, pretend I said something macho… Okay, it’s getting late and I’m getting really weird so I’ll just end it here and wish you all goodnight!