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Hello Sweater Dress


Who knew I’d fall in love with a sweater dress? It’s been ideal for these warmer winter days because it’s both cozy and stylish (& y’all know how much I live for that combo.) This dress quickly became a staple in my winter wardrobe ever since I found it on the clearance rack at Target. It’s just so easy to throw on and style when I have zero time to get ready in the morning. It’s grey-knit print gives some flare to my black and/or white outfits (basically, my entire wardrobe) by breaking a monochromatic look apart while also tying the entire outfit together. Plus, the drawstring waist definitely adds some structure to the otherwise boxy fit & since it is made of sweater-like material (?), it’s easy to mix & match with different textures to prevent it from being too boring. But most importantly, diz biatch has got pockets! Need I say more?



You know it’s time to bust out the legs when the earth begins to blossom, despite it still being winter…



Details | Mossimo Sweater Dress | Forever 21 Fuzzy Cardigan | Target Heather Grey Wool Socks | Trouve Lace-up Wedge Booties | Revlon Lipstick in “Black Cherry” |

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Trackademics | Winter Wardrobe



This winter, I have been living in this insulated caramel parka from Gap. It does an excellent job keeping the cold at bay, and the caramel color adds warmth to my otherwise monochromatic winter uniforms. I’m pretty sure it’ll be getting its use all year round as well since the inner jacket and hood are removable–converting this outerwear into a lightweight parka perfect for the springtime. This, along with the chunky scarf that my mom crocheted for me, have been my most-worn pieces all season and are definitely staples in my winter wardrobe.

Details | Gap Parka Jacket | Mom-made Chunky Charcoal Crochet Scarf |Gap Top | Thrifted Boyfriend Denims | Madden Girl Gladiator Sandals | Dooney & Bourke Florentine Medium Pocket Satchel |

Outfit Diaries

Ghost of Halloween’s Past | Last Minute Costume Ideas

I’ve always been a last minute costume kinda gal. I don’t think I’ve ever paid for a traditional Halloween costume in my life. It just saves a bit of money and I get to use my creativity to try and look like someone else using things I already have in my closet/home. So for those of you out there who, like me, need some last minute costume inspiration, look no further ’cause…I gotchu girl!

1. Daria | An orange shirt, black skirt, green jacket with lapels, combat boots, glasses, combined with an indifferent attitude laced with sarcasm and bam, done. IMG_2456

2 Grecian Goddess | You literally only need a white dress (or white bedsheets fashioned into a toga. College 101, duh.) Spice everything up with some head accessories and some fierce eyeliner and you’re good to go.
Also pictured: Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmations, LeeLoo Dallas from The Fifth Element, and Venom from Spider-Man.     (Don’t mind creepy IronMan in the mirror acting as photog for Ghoul’s night out, lol.)IMG_2453

3. The Cat’s Meow | Okay, so this one needs a little makeup magic to transform into the purr-fect Halloween costume. Heavy on the contouring and cat-eye, just the way mama likes it! But after your makeup’s done, all you really need is any wild-cat printed clothing or a black jumpsuit to complete the costume. To take it even further, you can fashion yourself a cute pair of cat ears with whatever you have around the house. Photo on 10-31-13 at 4.32 PM
Hello, kitty. Check Meow-t!  Photo on 10-31-13 at 4.24 PM #3

4. Minnie Mouse | I must admit, this costume is a repeat offender. Firstly, because it’s so darn tootin’ easy to do couple’s costumes as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. And secondly, because I will literally take any excuse to bust out my Minnie ears. Unlike what I did, the makeup on the nose should have a more button-like & mousey aesthetic. I was just too lazy and kept my face from the feline makeup I already had on. Along with the iconic Minnie ears, just add a red dress (preferably with white polka dots) white gloves and yellow flats/heels and you’re good to go. Photo on 10-31-13 at 5.00 PM

5. Masquerade Ballers | This is the easiest one yet because you can literally wear anything you want so long as you have a mask on your face. A few Halloweens ago, Alex and I hosted a last-minute Masquerade Ball and it was really fun and low-maintenance. And it was the perfect excuse to re-wear the mask I had bought for a Carnival party in Venice. And if you don’t have a mask, I found this awesome DIY masquerade mask that you can make instead.


6. Severus Snape | The break down of this costume is as follows: black on black on black + deep middle part + wand. To get the Snapes’s collar swag just right, I put a white button up underneath a black turtle neck. Add a oversized black cardigan to act as the professor’s teaching robes and some black bottoms to complete this awesomely chic yet easy Snape look. You really cannot go wrong with a Harry Potter theme, it’s always a fun group costume to rock for Halloween (or in my case, as a pick-me-up for our section’s Anatomy final.)

Pictured: Harry Potter & The Anatomical Variations | Harry Potter, MadEye Moody, Professor Umbridge, Headmaster Dumbledore, & Professor Severus Snape.


I got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one.

This Halloween, I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to dress up as (surprise, surprise) but I have a couple ideas in mind that would be pretty easy for me to pull off. I think I’ll either be Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family or a Minion from Despicable Me since I already have a ton of black gothy clothes and some awesome overalls and goggles. Still undecided on what I’m even doing on Friday night, so I’ll keep y’all posted!

But what are you guys doing for Halloween? What are you planning to wear??? I really wanna know.

P.S. Happpppppyyy Orange October! In case you didn’t know, the SF Giants won the World Series yesterday…faaaawwkk yeah!

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Back(pack) in Style

Backpacks are back, and they are a practical trend that I can definitely get on board with. I think I’ve mentioned before the struggle of carrying what feels like a 50 lb. purse on your shoulder for hours on end, so I’ve been trying to find some cute backpacks to interchange with my beloved purses. There are just days when I don’t want to fuss over my bag–like when I’m doing errands, traveling, or going out dancing–and I think the right style of backpack can easily replace a conventional purse on those days. You don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality. Plus, I’m not the kind of girl who likes to ask the bf to hold my bag when shopping, I wouldn’t want to place that heavy burden on any soul, literally.

And even though I try to clean out my purse every week and only carry the essentials, the uneven distribution of weight on my shoulder still gets burdensome after a certain period of time. Besides, the monstrous heavy duty leather satchels that I love so much just have a good weight to them on their own so it’s pretty much inevitable…

It took a fair amount of time to find the right size backpack in the aesthetic I was looking for. I found a bunch that were ideal but I wasn’t willing to splurge on them (yet.) So I took to my favorite place, the thrift store, and scored a couple of cuties that were not only good quality but also a bargain.


I: Black Leather | I don’t think it’s any secret that to me, “black is the new black,” so this black leather backpack and it’s array of pockets pretty much screamed my name. I spotted this amongst a sea of old school bags and immediately picked it up to check it’s condition. Genuine leather, without rips or stains, all zippers working, and it fit quite comfortably…it was a no brainer.


To contrast the black leather backpack, I paired it with bright and neon pieces, and worked the black elements back in with the fringe on the kimono and the gladiator chunky heel.


Details | Thrifted Black Pleather Backpack | TJ Maxx Neon Patterned Kimono | H&M Basic White Tank | Forever 21 Aqua Suede Shorts | Forever 21 Turquoise Triangle Necklace | Gap Tan Leather Belt | Madden Girl Gladiator Sandals |


II: Cognac Suede | I really do have a soft spot for suede. I love the texture of it and how  this cognac color instantly adds a really earthy and casual vibe to an outfit, so when I saw this mini suede backpack, I had to have it. When the cashier rung this up, she commented that it was “so old school 90’s” and reaffirmed that I had just made an awesome purchase.


To play up the deep earthy tone of the backpack, I decided to go with a more neutral, casual outfit. To keep it from being boring, I mixed and matched different materials: linen, denim, pleather, suede… and then tied everything together with my favorite autumn scarf.


Details | Thrifted Suede Mini Backpack | Forever 21 Navy Linen T-shirt | Forever 21 Brown Pleather Mini Skirt | Gap Denim Jacket | Forever 21 Pleather Wedge Booties |

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Hello French Toast & Flowers

Last Sunday, Alex took me on a “surprise date” which included some of my favorite-est things: french toast & flowers.

After church, we went brunching at Sacramento’s famous Tower Cafe. I hadn’t had a chance to try it yet so I was real excited because he had made it a surprise but mostly because I was promised French Toast. For a lot of eateries that get a lot of hype, I try to keep my cool so I don’t get disappointed with the long wait time and sub-par customer service, but I was pleasantly surprised by Tower Cafe. I enjoyed all the thought they put into making the dining experience enjoyable. The wait area is beautiful, with plenty of seats, and shaded by palm trees from the hot California sun–which are all things that my fellow hangry people can appreciate I think.



I really enjoyed the outside seating (even though it was blazing hot) fully decked out with big trees and other flora which enveloped the entire place with shade. It was like eating in the middle of an urban tropical forest. The food was also very good with generous portions packed with flavor. I ordered a full serving of their Famous French toast (duh) and Alex ordered the Thai Steak & Eggs. My favorite kind of French Toast is the kind where they soak the bread in custard, and I hadn’t found a place other than The Cheesecake Factory that did this, so it was really nice to find an alternative. To be honest, I still prefer the TCF’s Brûléed French Toast but these are at a close second! I will definitely be back to try the Madame Cristo (a Monte Cristo with eggs) & for the awesome dining experience.


After brunch, Alex took me to my second surprise at McKinley Park–where we took a walk through the Rose Garden. As a Davis “expat” from the Bay Area, I never really had any strong interest to explore Sacramento, so I had no idea that a place like this existed so close to me. It was a different side of Sacramento that I had never experienced before–a better side. It was blazing hotttt, as I already mentioned, but all the roses were in bloom and were all so pretty which almost made me forget about the heat. Seriously food and flowers, y’all. Food and flowers….I have to admit, he done good. ‘Twas an extra fun Sunday.IMG_4159




Details | Mossimo Maroon Top | TopShop Plaid Midi Skirt | J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes Gladiator Heels | H&M Gold Chain Necklace | Dooney & Bourke Florentine Medium Pocket Satchel | Cole Haan Rounded Acrylic Sunglasses |



Outfit Diaries

Indian Summer


Hello world! I’m still in the process of writing a “Weekend Warrior” post, so I thought I would post a quick outfit of the day in the interim. I don’t know what the hell happened to Fall or the cooler weather that it promised me, but I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. At the same time, I’m glad that this extended warmer hot ass weather means that I can still get away with wearing mini skirts and tank tops in October. I sometimes forget how much I hate wearing pants, so I’ve decided to embrace the Indian summer & use this time to give my legs the freedom that they crave. This outfit was perfect for being out and about during the heat wave despite many of the pieces being black. But to be honest, I don’t think any amount of heat can prevent me from sporting black. Plus, if it’s in the right style/cut/material, black can actually work out pretty perfectly.

Anyway, I’m going to try and finish my other post now before I get distracted by possible Halloween costume ideas…lol. Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!


Details | Leith Double Strap V-neck Tank | Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Zip-front Mini Skirt | DV by Dolce Vita “Marcel” Loafer | Dooney & Bourke Florentine Medium Pocket Satchel |


Outfit Diaries

Rainy Day Hues

This week has been hectic for me, and can literally be summed up with the phrase “when it rains, it pours.” After the severe drought, California finally got its first drops of rain this week. And though I’m not usually a fan of rain, I was so thankful for the rain storms because we desperately needed it.

But with the rain outpoured a slew of stresses (both at work and outside of work) that just made me feel a bit overwhelmed because everything just happened all at once. It seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong & I’m still trying to recover. It’s just been one of those crazy weeks… However, I feel like it’s a good reminder that I need to take the good with the bad, and that I still need to keep humble and thankful no matter the circumstances.

It has stopped raining for now, and everything seems very still. I find this time to be perfect for cozying up, sorting out my thoughts, and just reminding myself to stay positive instead of complaining about every little worry. So for anyone who’s had a rough day or week, I feel you. Chin up, bitches, we got this! 😉


This dress just spoke to me today as I was getting ready to go out. It was gifted by a close friend after our monthly-ish exchange of clothes, and it just completely fit my mood with all it’s dark-hued & floral glory so I decided to bust it out. Dressing up typically cheers me up and today was no exception. Plus, it was a nice change of pace from all the sexy loungewear (aka sweats and men’s T-shirts) I’ve been sporting all weekend.

Anyway, here’s to a better week & see you cool cats on the other side!



Details | [Gifted] Free People Navy Floral Wool Dress | Dollhouse Dusty Pink Strappy Heels | H&M Gold Chevron Bracelet | Swarovski Ring | Ross Chunky Gold Cutout Ring |