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Did a bit of shopping over the past few weeks and picked up some new swag for my home. Shout out to my mains: Target & Ikea! ūüėČ

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Thriftin’ Thursdays: Ballin on a Budget

After work, I hit up my favorite thrift store and decided to browse around for some unique pieces for my home but ended up finding some sweet steals on a few ‘fits instead. As an avid thrift shopper, I can navigate my way around the daunting racks and quickly shuffle through to find some pieces to love. Today, I was able to snatch a¬†knit sweater, flowy cardigan, 3 dresses, a matching two-piece set, and a brand name button up (for someone else)¬†all for under seventeen whopping dollars!

I’m a huge lover of monochrome and neutrals and don’t typically venture too far away from these color schemes, so a lot of what I bought fit into that category. One way I like to keep black and white outfits more interesting is by playing with patterns, mixing textures, and going for different silhouettes. I’ve been exploring skirts and dresses with longer lengths lately since they’re more work appropriate, less of a hassle for my badonkadonk, and down right more comfortable. I’ve shied away from longer pieces in the past since they just had this “old lady” vibe that I wasn’t feelin’ but I realized that I’ve always been into that vintage-grandma-chic look so I finally decided to give them a chance. Plus, it’s been fun experimenting and styling them to be more modern fitting for my¬†personal style.

Disclaimer: I’ve never done a “lookbook” before (if this even classifies as one) and it took me a while to figure out how to photoshop that image up there together without a¬†photoshop program,¬†but I was really excited about the things I found today so I wanted to document my haul¬†& share¬†my thoughts about them with y’all. Heh heh, I rhymed.

I found¬†this matching set with a 3/4 sleeve top and maxi skirt (with pockets!) that had this awesome black and white print on it which got my attention. I prefer separating the pieces and wearing them on their own to mute it down a bit, but who knows, maybe I’ll just go all out and wear them together one day when I’m feeling extra bold.¬†IMG_1052

Also, I bargained¬†for this sheer, forest green, button-up J. Jill dress (also with pockets) because it had a tiny hole in the front. I know it was already pretty affordable but I almost didn’t buy it because of that hole. I couldn’t refuse after the discount though. Plus, I don’t have anything like this in my closet, yet I feel like it’s so me.
(LOL, Mac just wanted to photobomb my pictures today. He’s like, “Come on, mom. Hurry & let’s go for another walk!”)IMG_1044

I also found this midi-length dress that’s very reminiscent of the 90’s aesthetic. It fit me well and I liked the lightweight fabric and subtle pattern on it so naturally I had to get it. I just like basic pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down because I find that I get more wear out of them, and this dress fit the bill. I also got this oversized black cardigan, which I bought with the intent of giving to my mom, but I’m kind of loving it for myself so we’ll see…..haha!IMG_1107

Lately, I’ve been getting way too excited for Autumn &¬†getting to wear more layers, so when I found this super soft knit sweater, I just got really happy. No, I didn’t need another black sweater but it’s slightly different so you know…it’s a solid purchase in my book. IMG_1069

So I saved the best for last. This vintage dress is probably my favorite find of the day. I’m a fan of florals but I especially like the sophisticated floral pattern that this one has. I said earlier that I mostly dress in neutrals, but to me, navy blue classifies as a neutral. This color looks good on everyone (i.e. dark wash denim jeans.) Try it! I love the silhouette of it as well. It’s just a beautiful thing. Can we all just take a moment and admire this dress for a second tho? When should I wear this? Is anyone having a Mad Men themed party anytime soon? If so, can I come?? IMG_1083

Does anyone else have a love for thrifting? If so, I’d love to see the treasures you found! Leave me a comment down below if you wanna. But otherwise, it’s almost the weekend! Happy Thursday & goodnight!

Details¬†| Cole Haan Polarized Acrylic Rounded Sunglasses¬†| Forever 21 Globetrotter Curved Gold Necklace | Kelsi Dagger¬†“Bling Bootie” in Black Leather¬†|¬†H&M Basic White Tank Top | Urban Outfitters¬†Sparkle & Fade Crepe Runner Short | Thrifted Black Leather Belt |