Currently Coveting


dolce-and-gabbana-eyewear-sunglasses-woman-DG2107-02_13 Ever since I’ve misplaced my favorite sunglasses, I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair to love. I swear, my house just has a black hole where all my important items end up right when I need them. I’ve searched everywhere. However, until this black hole decides to return my sunglasses, I need to get something to replace them. I’m somewhat picky with sunnies since I practically live in them during the spring/summer months but I found these Dolce & Gabanna ones that are so perfect. Perfect in every way except for the price tag…

If I were a pair of sunglasses, I think this would be it. It’s wearable in the classiest way. It’s sassy in all the right places, but not too overdone. Ugh. ❤ ❤

As glorious as these are, I can’t find it in myself to spend that much money on something I might lose or break, especially when ya girl’s gotta pay the bills! So I’m looking for some quality dupes for these baddies. I found a few that could do the trick and satisfy my sunglass-less-ness , but I’m still on the prowl for a more affordable option that I like almost as much. I’m open to suggestions. 😉   image1xxl image1xxl (1)Anyway, I’m done lusting over these for now. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


P.S. Oh, and a big welcome & thank you to those who liked my last post, definitely got me all excited this morning, haha.