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Hello Winter Wonderland

It’s finally December & officially Christmas season. I’ve finally recovered from my Thanksgiving food coma, and so I thought I should share some moments from my little winter wonderland in Lake Tahoe this past weekend.

As you may know, I’m not a fan of the cold but I do find the snow to be truly beautiful and magical. When it looks this beautiful outside, you almost forget that your face is about to freeze completely off. It ranged from 10-20 degrees F throughout the day.

The lake even froze over around the more shallow edges, and my friends braved the cold to walk onto the lake the first day we arrived. The ice was pretty solid but I had a deep fear about falling through the ice and having a Titanic-like death experience. However, we were able to make it past the docks and slightly past the boating speed signs. If this isn’t the face of a daredevil, I honestly don’t know what is.

I made Filipino adobo the first night and we had a lovely time eating, drinking, gossiping, and playing games together. They wanted to go to the Casinos so we toured around the city at night time and all lost a little bit of money. I really don’t enjoy gambling, so you can imagine my disappointment when I lost $5.00 playing a penny slot with puppies on it. I could have bought an In & Out cheeseburger and fries with that! Peer pressure man.

The next day, we went to the Heavenly Resort to snowboard. It was honestly so beautiful, I could cry. However, 80% of the mountain was still closed and there were literally only 3 runs I could do as a seasoned beginner. I actually have all my own snowboard gear now and didn’t have to rent which was awesome, but it was my first time using my new board and it was super slippery. I’m so glad Jackie came along to do the easy runs with me, otherwise I would have held the boys back–there was no way in hell I would go down the blue runs and make it out alive. We had fun anyway, making snow angels and coasting through the bunny slopes.


My friends also built a snowman the first day and it lasted the entire weekend since it was so cold outside. I avoided the cold and instead sang the entire soundtrack to Disney’s Frozen inside a little too many times. (Just kidding, there’s no such thing as singing Frozen too many times.) I did go outside for a bit to participate in a snowball fight and then pretended like I had made a contribution to the creation of this snowman by taking pictures with him before heading back home.


This photo perfectly describes us.

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Hello Wente | Wine Tasting & Tour






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Hello Copenhagen

Vesterbro | AirBnB



Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Garden | Rodin’s “The Thinker”
Dantes Plads 7, 1556 København, Denmark
IMG_4766  wpid-20150512_182112.jpg

Tivoli Gardens | Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København, Denmark










Dome of Visions | 1016, Søren Kierkegaards Pl., København K, Denmark

The Black Diamond | “Treasures in the Royal Library” Exhibition
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, Copenhagen, Denmark IMG_9468

Nyhavn Canal | Nyhavn 3, 1051 København K, Denmark

Christiansborg Palace | Prins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218 København, Denmark
IMG_9358 IMG_9349

Copenhagen Cuisine |






The Coffee Collective | Jægersborggade 10, København, Denmark


Wagamama | Tietgensgade 20, København, DenmarkIMG_4802


Meyers Bageri | Gammel Kongevej 103, Frederiksberg C, DenmarkIMG_0527





Current Favorites

Black to Basics


Lately, I’ve been having to lug around a lot of stuff with me, so I busted out the big guns and brought out the backpack. I’ve been getting ready for the application cycle and I’ve also started scribing part-time in an emergency department  which means I’ve been bringing my laptop and lots of study materials with me everywhere I go. Surprise, surprise: I’m basic…everything I own is black and gold. But, I finally got the laptop sleeve that I’ve been eyeing because it went on sale. It’s been perfect so far, real love at first site. I finally have something that fits my laptop perfectly and looks good. Oh, y’all didn’t know? Laptops have a sense of style too!

I’ve been busy trying to get so many things done before I leave for Europe in May. Wait, did I not mention that I’m going to Europe in May?! Oops. How long have I been MIA this time? I swear I’m the worst at blogging, haha. But yes, Alex and I are taking three weeks off to travel around on the other side of the hemisphere. I think I’ve been so busy and a bit stressed lately that I haven’t had time to get properly excited. I will though (probably at the airport, post-stress-packing!)

Weekend Warrior

East Bay Festivities

Friday | April 03


Oakland, CA | First [Good] Friday at Art Murmur, followed by a hoolahoop contest at Lost & Found.

The solution to California's drought.

Berkeley, CA | The Albatross with the solution to California’s drought.

Saturday | April 04


Oakland, CA | Brunch at The Grand Tavern followed by a visit to the Oakland Farmer’s Market

Oakland, CA | Park-bench-lounging at Lake Merritt

Oakland, CA | Park-bench-lounging at Lake Merritt



Piedmont, CA | Mountain View Cemetery for the Qingming Festival


Berkeley, CA | Treasure hunting at Ohmega Salvage on San Pablo Ave.

Berkeley, CA | Another night cap at The Albatross filled with an intense game of darts (which I had surprisingly won!)

Berkeley, CA | Another night cap at The Albatross filled with an intense game of darts (which I had surprisingly won!)


Outfit Details | Gap Striped Blouse | Michael Kors Tan Anorak | Mossimo Black Bottoms | Mossimo Wedged Booties | Dooney & Bourke “Florentine Medium Pocket Satchel” |

Sunday | April 05
Brentwood, CA | Golden Hills Community Church with a special Easter Sunday sermon.
Hercules, CA | Lunch with the family. #FilipinoSpaghettiOnFleek
Pinole, CA | Phonomenal Vietnamese for dinner
Davis, CA | Homeward bound after a long, eventful weekend! #sleepdeprived

Current Favorites, Haulin' Out

Homeware Haul



Did a bit of shopping over the past few weeks and picked up some new swag for my home. Shout out to my mains: Target & Ikea! 😉

Current Favorites, Outfit Diaries

Hello Sweater Dress


Who knew I’d fall in love with a sweater dress? It’s been ideal for these warmer winter days because it’s both cozy and stylish (& y’all know how much I live for that combo.) This dress quickly became a staple in my winter wardrobe ever since I found it on the clearance rack at Target. It’s just so easy to throw on and style when I have zero time to get ready in the morning. It’s grey-knit print gives some flare to my black and/or white outfits (basically, my entire wardrobe) by breaking a monochromatic look apart while also tying the entire outfit together. Plus, the drawstring waist definitely adds some structure to the otherwise boxy fit & since it is made of sweater-like material (?), it’s easy to mix & match with different textures to prevent it from being too boring. But most importantly, diz biatch has got pockets! Need I say more?



You know it’s time to bust out the legs when the earth begins to blossom, despite it still being winter…



Details | Mossimo Sweater Dress | Forever 21 Fuzzy Cardigan | Target Heather Grey Wool Socks | Trouve Lace-up Wedge Booties | Revlon Lipstick in “Black Cherry” |